Thursday, 13 November 2014

7 Ways To Do Background Check On Your New Employee

More companies and employers in Singapore are getting into the trend of carrying out a background check on their new employees. This is a worldwide procedure for many employers due to the rising cases of fraud and dishonesty. Making the wrong decision in hiring could haunt a company, other employees and the already existent client base. It can result in costs and wastage of time and if bad comes to worse, potential lawsuits. Background checks are vital when hiring individuals for high security posts that demand a lot of caution either in handling of classified information or finances. In order to avoid all these there is need for the checks to be conducted in advance.

- Hiring private investigators is often the first idea and the most efficient that comes to mind. They are always professional, discreet, fast in giving information and they have many resources within their reach. They can acquire information with so much ease without arousing suspicions. They are experienced at carrying out such processes and they can make available the most hidden of information on individuals. They leave no stone unturned and they’re very reliable.

- Nowadays people post so much information on their lives through online sources. Shared information is actually in amounts that are so surprising. It is also easy to find. Top on the list are Facebook and Instagram. It is good to know one’s residential address and their contacts to verify if they are indeed real and their details can be located physically. This helps to curb cases of employees giving fake addresses. An address comes in handy in case anything goes wrong and there is need to find the individual.

- Getting legal information on an employee is useful in getting to know whether he or she had had any run-ins with law enforcement in the past. Whether they were minor or major violations an employer will have those details in no time. Acquiring verification on criminal records helps to weigh how trustworthy and ethical a person is. Most employees will hide criminal offences, served jail terms and crime convictions.

- Former employer references in one’s curriculum vitae are also very helpful. Referrals of previous employers can provide helpful information such as previous promotions, salaries, team work or solo achievements and contributions. Verifying past employments can let one in on the traits they can expect from a prospect employee and it helps determine how much success a hire will bring.

- For more educational and professional information on work experiences, doing a Google search is a great way to start. LinkedIn also provides sufficient details in relation to work environments. Such sites have a lot on educational information and this helps in determining how qualified one is and the accuracy of the information on their resume.

- It is advisable to get credit scores and individual financial records to help in proving how responsible and accountable a person is. It is easy to judge going by finances how stable an individual is and whether they qualify for that job. This is especially important for accountants, clerks, cashiers who handle huge sums of money every day. They are the backbone in companies and a small mishap on their part often leads to great losses. Some companies also look at ones driving history especially if it is a job meant for a driver or there is issuance of company cars involved.

- Medical checks are essential in telling whether one is physically and mentally fit for a job. They present employers with information on any health disorders or conditions that the applicant had prior to seeking the job and this can help in sound decision making. Some employees keep their health issues secret and this later affects their work input and consistency. Knowing in advance will promote honesty and clarity between both parties.

It is important to note that legally an employer has to inform the prospect employee of the check that will be conducted and it has to be a consented affair. Doing this behind the employee’s back can lead to endless legal drama and a tainted image for the company. White collar crime has increased with more access to the internet and technological advancements. It is really easy for one to fabricate information to their advantage and get away without being noticed.



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  2. The problem is not in the concept of a top background check itself. The issue arises from the way the information about a given individual is obtained and used.

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