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All About A Private Investigator

A private investigator is also known as the private eye, private detective or the inquiry agent. These people are being hired to carry on the investigation services. Mostly in the civil cases,private investigators are being appointed to get the tasks done in the best possible way and mode.Also the insurance companies do hire private investigators if any claim comes in any case. These agents handle extremely sensitive cases with care and attention. In other words, we can say that these private eyed people are being worked in every area. Like in the marriage sector, they find out the proof and verification of adultery in order to get the divorce from the subjected parties.For the investment companies, these investigators keep an eye on each and every investor so that no fraud can be visualized. This is quite and rather good.

Commonly speaking, the job of a private investigator is usually stereotyped as alluring and hazardous. Private investigators, in reality, have a much different and to be honest pretty dull life. Much of the work they do can accurately be described as hurry up and wait.

For every job they take on, there are usually hours of routine inquiries, investigation, surveillance, and various red tape related duties, with any action counted in minutes and that is only if it occurs at all.

Are There Various Types of Private Investigators?

The simple answer is yes, there are. The usual first thought that may come to mind of many when thinking of private investigators is that they trail people around and take photos and video evidence. There are many that do just that, but there are also many classifications of a private investigator that just do not spring to mind right away. Private investigators may work for large companies, doing background checks on workers before, during and possibly after the hiring process. Investigative forensic computer work is another facet of PI endeavour and so is investigating insurance fraud.

Not all private investigators track cheating partners or weed out industrial spies, although there are those that do. Investigators maybe employed by hotels, stores, legal agencies, financial institutions, and other places that any type of investigative work is deemed necessary. There are a large amount of diverse things that investigators look into.

What are the requirements to be a Private Investigator?

Usually there are no hard and fast rules concerning requirements to become a private investigator. Many of those who become PIs have a background that stems from law enforcement and has a working experience of how the law works.

It is a must for PIs to know the law as it applies on all levels. The job is about trying to make things right for their clients, not aid their clients in law breaking.

Many feel happier with a private investigator that has a degree in some type of law or criminal justice and it also helps when they have some form of working experience. A law degree is not as helpful for those PIs that are more into some type of computer forensics or insurance fraud investigations but it all depends on the actual type of investigations the PI is concerned in doing or specializes in.

With very few exceptions, most states in America require that a private investigator be authorized to do investigative work, and this grant does have to be renewed.
At the time of writing, there is no national standard in place for the licensure of private investigators.

Most states also have a minimum age limit that ranges from 18 to 21. A PI that has a license may find it much easier to do their investigations, and any additional certifications can improve both peer and client acceptance of you.

If the circumstances call for a private investigator to be armed, then it is imperative that the PI have the correct certifications to carry any type of firearm. Remember, laws differ from state to state and PIs must know the laws of a particular state before opening into that state with a firearm, ignorance is no excuse.

What are the different types of work environment?

The environment that a private investigator may find themselves in largely depends upon the sort of investigation they are doing. If they are working primarily on PC, it is likely that the environment will be climate controlled and much more agreeable than those that work out on the street.The hours can be incredibly protracted and erratic, particularly during a surveillance job.

Undercover work can be even more changeable as the circumstances normally call for a change to the lifestyle of that usually lead by the investigator. You must understand from the outset that this job is not nine to five.

It is not unusual for many PIs to work alone, and many have a preference to do so. However, on the flipside circumstances may dictate that PIs work with one or more team members as they may be called into a working group that involves the liaison between different bodies.

The job is demanding most especially for PIs that come into contact with distressed clients or have a conflict with someone they are investigating. The job can be hazardous and physically challenging at times. What this means is that a PI must keep as healthy and physically fit as possible to help endure the stressing demands of long hours and possible conflict situations.

All You Need to Consider While Hiring a Private Investigator

The first and most significant thing you need to consider while hiring a private investigator is the investigation license. A private investigator license is a must for anyone who practices individually or works for a detective agency. Under many government laws, the investigator is not allowed to interfere in other person's personal life. If your investigator does so, you will be held liable. Therefore it is very much necessary to check for his/her license and professionalism.

It is also necessary for you to check if they have ample amount of insurance. You could be held liable if your investigator involves in any accident or damages other's property.

Experience and qualifications
Verify the experience and qualification details of the investigators. Ask them about their experience and areas of their specialization. This can help you know if they are suitable for your assignment or not. When you are searching for the best private investigation agency, go for the experienced firm that has been in the business for a long time. There are many new startups which lack practical experience.
Understand what they can and can't do

While selecting a private investigator or an agency, check the services they provide. Ask them about the areas they are specialized in. Get to know from them about certain cases where they resolved issues similar to yours. Also ask them to explain certain cases which they felt difficult to solve. This helps you to get an idea of what the person can do.

Monday, 26 September 2016

Things You Should Know When Suing For Commercial Fraud

Although Commercial fraud is not very much common in Singapore, but that does not means you don’t get any of these cases. The government in Singapore take all the commercial fraud cases very seriously and government tries to resolve the issue as soon as possible. But this also means liabilities are there on both the side and you cannot sue anyone for commercial fraud with blind eyes. There are several things that you should know when suing for commercial fraud and I am sharing some of the most important things below with you. 

Know your case: before you sue for a commercial fraud, it is very important that you know and understand your case. You should know if you actually have a case or not. You can sure someone for commercial fraud only if they lied to you about something in written. If they sold you a product claiming it is brand new, and on the bill the said refurbished or used, then you cannot sue them for this. If you would sue them, then you would have no proof to prove your opinion. In that situation, you will lose the case on first hearing and you will end up paying money to them for their legal fees. So, it is advised that you check facts, you talk to your lawyer and you will be able to get better result

Size of the claim: You need to understand that you can ask only a certain amount in refund against a commercial fraud. Before suing someone for a commercial fraud, it is advised that you check the size of the claim and you evaluate its value. If you realize the size of the claim is not big enough and you cannot justify the investment of your time, money and efforts, with that claim, then you should ignore debtor. It is also possible that the claim that you will get from the court will be even lesser than the legal fees. That is why you must check the claim size and then only you should take your decision of suing or not suing.

Debtor financial condition: Along with claim size it is also important that you check the financial condition of debtor. If your debtor is already in debt or if he financially broken, then chances are high he would not be able to pay anything to you. If that debtor already filed for a bankruptcy, then chances are high court will not even entertain your case. To cross check these things, it is advised that you take various help in various manners. If you notice a company filed for bankruptcy, then it may have more liabilities then its assets and it will be of no use for you to sue that company. Same case can be there for other things or situation as well. Hence, you should check this and you should sue them accordingly.

The legal fees: When you sue a company for commercial fraud, then you will have to pay the legal fees to your lawyer. You should not expect your lawyer to get the fees only when he wins the case for you. If your case is not strong enough, then your lawyer may take the case, but he would never give you an assurance of winning. That also means he would as for the money from you on hearings or in other manner. The fees structure may vary depending on your terms and condition with the lawyer. And even if your lawyer gives you an assurance for the case and its result, then also you may need to plan the fees for your pocket only. Hence, it is advised that you check the legal fees associated with suing someone for commercial fraud and then only file it.

Debtor legal fees: At the time suing someone for the commercial fraud you not only need to think about winning, but you should plan for loosing as well. I am not suggesting you to lose the case, but if you would loose the case, then court may ask you to pay the legal fees to debtor. This legal fees may vary depending the on lawyers cost of the debtor and other expenses that they made on this case. So, when you sue someone for a commercial fraud make sure you do your research on their point of view as well. Also, you should do the planning according to make sure you have enough money to pay their expenses. This cost may vary from party to party or other factors and you will not have any control for same in any ways. So, make sure you must remember this as well along with all the other things that I shared with you.

Stress and time: A court case is always complicated thing and if you are suing someone for commercial fraud, then you are the one who need to prove everything. The other party only need to defend themselves and if you cannot prove the commercial fraud, then it will be your loss. Needless to say, it will be a very stressful process for you. You may need to spend several hours, everyday every week in your lawyer’s office. That would be not only stressful, but it will be very much time consuming as well. If you are not ready for this, then you might not get any good outcome as well. The lawyer of debtor may trap you into various situations and you may end up having so many complications as well in the court room. So, make sure you keep this thing in your mind to avoid any kind of complication or troubles.

In addition all the above things, it is also very important that you take your decision with cool mind. If you will make your decision of suing someone for commercial fraud in the rage of anger, then you are not going to get any good result from that in any situation. This is a decision that you should finalize only after your detailed research and consideration of all the factors with a cool mind.

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Life As A Private Investigator

1. Private Investigation Services:
Working as a private investigator can be a daunting task especially if you don’t have the required experience. That is the reason why private investigators are recognized and appreciated in Singapore. They have become busier than ever and are working on different types of cases. What is even more interesting about working with private investigators is that they are able to persistently perform their services unlike investigators working for the government who are governed by certain jurisdictions. If you were thinking that private investigation is just a waste of time, you better think twice.

When looking for a private investigation agency that specializes in providing their services and guarantees you professional results, you have to be very keen. There are many agencies in Singapore offering private investigation services. However, not all of them provide top of the line private investigation services as they claim. If you wish to find out more about some of the services that private investigation agencies specialize in in Singapore, then please read along.

- Providing Security Services:
If you feel you need to hire agents as part of your security detail. Apart from gathering information, private investigators can still protect you from harm.

- Finding Extra Marital Evidence:
Yes, you heard me right! If you have a cheating spouse that you would like to catch pants down, private investigators are the right people for the job. They will provide you with all the information that you require so that you can file for a divorce among other actions. No one, including you, should go through the tough times of having an unfaithful spouse.

- Finding Evidence For Legal Action:
Law firms in Singapore worship private investigators when it comes to collecting evidence that they can use in a court of law during a case.

- Finding Lost Persons:
Are you looking for a lost person who has been missing for a while now without any positive results? If that is the case, relax. Private investigators will help you find that person within no time. Just furnish them with all the details they need and they will be ready to go.

- Background Checks:
Think of it this way, you are running a business that requires honest employees that can take care of your finances without robbing or turning against you even for a single minute. How will you confirm that you are employing the right person for the job? Don’t worry, with private investigators you will find out everything about an employee before hiring them. Insurance firms and banks also do background checks on individuals before processing their loans or approving their claims.

- Retail Store Surveillance:
Private investigators can help you identify and get hold of people with itchy fingers that are causing you sleepless nights at your retail store.

There are many other areas where private investigators specialize in that could not fit in this post, those mentioned above are just the key areas. That aside, when looking for a reputable private investigations agency you should check for credentials if you need first class service. The credentials are evidence that the agency abides by the law and provides high end private investigation services. You have to ensure that the agency is among the most reliable and trusted names in private investigation Singapore. Go for agencies that are members of renowned associations in Singapore like the ACSA (Association of Certified Security Agency) or SAS (Security Association of Singapore). Also consider private investigation agencies that have won prestigious awards like ATI (Asia Top Investigators) or PAI (Pinnacle of Achievement in Investigation).

2. Private Investigation Techniques:
Private Investigators in Singapore boast of a blend of excellent logic and creativity which is quite rare. They use various techniques that include a broad spectrum of methods to solve cases of missing individuals to those of cheating husbands among the rest. Some of the techniques they use include:

- Surveillance:
It involves the tracking of subjects and the private investigators have to be at the very spot where events and people that are of interest move. Or instance, a specific spot or a person’s home.

- Research:
Private investigators are the right people for the job if your case involves research that an average person might not be able to do.

- Writing Reports:
Private investigators pen down everything that they think will help solve your case.

- Forensic Techniques:
Highly qualified private investigators are equipped with forensic techniques to enable them handle forensic evidence without much difficulty. In some cases, only forensic evidence can save the day.

3. Private Investigation Gadgets/Equipment:

Below are some examples of private investigation gadgets:

Since most investigators spend their time doing surveillance, they require several surveillance gadgets to collect all the evidence that is required to solve the case.

- Some of the visual surveillance equipment includes binoculars, cameras, and video recorders. Such equipment will ensure that you get to see what the investigator sees. The type of equipment required will depend on the need. For instance, cameras won’t be required in case where you can easily compromise your presence.

- Audio recording devices which help private investigators capture the random statements made by the subject of interest. They can provide hints that can lead to the closure of a case.

- Various types of forensic equipment may help private investigators find hints to a mystery when examining various objects. Such equipment includes various kinds of chemistry implements, scopes and databases.

- Private investigators may find themselves in situations where they might have to defend themselves from harm. For such instances, investigators may require lethal weapons like guns or non-lethal weapons like stun guns among the rest. Such equipment may help the private investigator stun or subdue their opponents so that the can escape from the scene.


Private investigators are strongly recommended to everyone in Singapore who would like to solve any kind of mystery. They have been there for a while now and have received millions of enthusiastic reviews online with regards to the effective services that they provide. Their services are pocket friendly and can be afforded by most people. Whether you are looking for missing persons or looking to catch a cheating spouse, private investigator services are just a phone call or click away if you are living in Singapore.

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Common Types of Private Investigator Services

It would be nice to have the ability to be in two places at once; however, we know it is impossible. There are several instances in our personal lives and in our businesses that we need another set of eyes that are looking out for our best interests. Even if we suspect that something is going on behind our backs, it is better to be safe than sorry. For years, companies and individuals have hired professional private investigators to do the clandestine work they need to discover the truth. These experienced professionals become the eyes and ears of their clients to find out if their suspicions are accurate. Many lives have been improved and businesses have been saved because private investigators were on their watch. There is no job too big or too little that cannot be handled by a private investigator. They have several years of training and experience to know how to use the right surveillance process for each job. These are the top things that a private investigator handles on a daily basis in Singapore.

Perhaps nothing is worse than a cheater and it is often difficult to prove. Since people cannot always snoop and follow their spouses everywhere they go, they often hire private investigators to do the job. These professionals know how to secretly follow people and keep a log of where they go and who they are seeing. Private investigators often have special surveillance equipment to gather evidence for a solid case. If a person is supposed to be working late at night and is locked up with a lover in a hotel instead, the investigator will find out. They also have a lot of personal and public connections to see what the word is on the street about individuals. Private investigators are often called to be expert witnesses in court when it comes to infidelity and other breaches in the marriage.

Even after a divorce, there are people who illegally receive alimony because they are cohabiting with another person. Some people have successfully cancelled their alimony obligations because they hired a private investigator who found the proof they needed. There have also been cases where custody battles have been won because of information gleaned by private investigation. These investigators can find if the children are being well-cared for or if they are just being pawned off to babysitters and are ignored.

Mystery Shoppers
Often times, it is impossible for business owners to watch everything that is going on in their business. There are many cases where there are discrepancies in cash flow and inventory need investigated. Private investigators can be hired as mystery shoppers to see what kind of customer service is being provided. They can also set up secret surveillance equipment to find out if there is any theft or other questionable actions going on behind the owner’s back.

Owners are often able to turn their business around when they can actually see the day-to-day operations in their companies. They find out how their customers are treated and how management treats the employees. If there are any employees who are taking advantage of their situation, it can be detected. There have been many cases where private investigators have caught employees right in the act of stealing or breaking other company policies.

Background Checks
There are many jobs such as government positions that require security clearances. The process of getting certain clearances can be a tedious process that involves personal background research and reference interviews. Some private investigators work for individual companies or for the government and conduct all the necessary research on prospective employees. They will go through all the public records of individuals and will interview references. The work of the private investigator will depend if the company grants the security clearance or not. Companies depend on these investigators to get the best workers.

Some private individuals often want to hire housekeepers or nannies and want to do a thorough screening. In an addition to personal interviews, these people will often use the services of a private investigator to make sure that the prospective employee has a clean record. When people are dealing with their children or their property, they cannot be too careful.

Commercial Fraud
There are several ways that commercial fraud can be committed and it is often difficult to detect. If a business is using deceptive practices and other things that violate the law for financial profits, then they are committing commercial fraud. These businesses may file misleading financial statements to increase sales or bring up their stock value. They may also file false tax returns or be involved in insider trading. Or, they may be using the company’s goods for their personal use. In any case, there are private investigators who are trained in forensic accounting who can audit books and find if there are illegal discrepancies. They can also conduct surveillance projects to see if executives are abusing their corporate privileges.

Intellectual Property 
Creative people around the world depend on national and international laws to protect their ideas from being stolen by someone else. Whether it is music, art, literature, computer programs, or other inventions, there are several ways that people and businesses can take care of their intellectual property.

Authors, musicians, and artists apply for copyrights to ensure that no one else can take credit for their creations. Companies obtain registered trademarks for their brand names, logos, and images. If they have any unique ingredients or processes, they can apply for trade secret protection. Inventors get patents on their inventions to protect their ownership rights. These different types of documents provide the legal protection needed for intellectual property.

Private investigators are often employed when there are infringements of intellectual property rights. Many times, unscrupulous people and underground businesses will copy protected music and movies to sell. Millions of dollars are stolen every year from recording artists, actors, and their agents with this pirated material. Several pirates have been shut down and prosecuted thanks to the work of private investigators and their teams.

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

What Are The Common Tailing Methods And Tactics?

Conducting surveillance and tailing a target is not an easy task. One needs to know proper tailing methods and tactics to reach the goal and to make the operation successful. In Singapore, if you have entrusted with surveillance activities, you need to be very careful and should take all the necessary steps to get success in your endeavour.

A suitable tailing method and tactic is required for conducting any kind of surveillance that might be a surveillance of a place, vantage points, person, and any other subjects. Make sure that you have done all your primary research before tailing your target. In the current conditions, the process will be easier for you as you might take help of the advanced technologies to reach your goal and to make your surveillance productive.

Technical surveillance devices can help you in a great way in tailing the subject and to get the required information. The best thing about the technical devices is that they are available in different sizes and you can simply hide it in your cloth and use it safely whenever required. The devices that are mostly used for surveillance purposes are tape recorders, microphones, and hidden cameras. These devices can help you to know where the subject is and it can also give you all the information about its activities.

Developed and advanced technical devices can help you to reach your subject and to accomplish the task. But the devices cannot help you much without a right technique. So, it is important to know the tailing techniques and methods to get quicker and effective results. There are different techniques of tailing and surveillance. You just need to know the right technique to make the process less complicated.

Tailing can be done regularly and effortlessly until you have not covered everything and have not received all the required information. Initially, you might find it difficult to cover your subject. With experience and knowledge, you will be able to collect all the vital information about the target. You do not need to follow you target all the time to conduct your surveillance. The important thing is that you should follow a right strategy and technique to make your tailing successful. Below are some of the common tailing methods and techniques that you can use for tailing any target that might be personal and professional surveillance. If you are a beginner these techniques can help you a much to reach your goal.

• Do your personal research
In this digital world, you will find this process much easier than any other kind of surveillance. Use the internet to get all the required information of your target. You can do a Google research about your subject. If your target is a known personality you will obviously get all the necessary information through Google and other social networking sites. You can check forums and contact other sources to collect more information about the subject. By doing so, you will have a clear idea about the activities and intentions of your object. Usually, investigators use this tailing technique to collect the primary data about their targets. This is not the only source and you cannot totally rely on this information completely. But it can help you to have an overall idea about your target.

• Go through the phone records
This is an important step to get the exact details of your target. If it is about your life partner then nothing can help you more than a phone record. The process is not that complicated. You just need to make a call from your target’s phone and ask for the call details at your address or on your email ID. You will get all the details in a couple of days. And you can also meet the service provider directly if the phone is registered on your name. In case, you find it difficult to get the call details by these methods then you can take the help of some other sources. These methods might not be considered legal but it can help you to get all your information.

• Investigate through the social networking site
This is the best way to collect the key information without doing much effort and spending much time. In the current conditions, social networking sites are so prevalent that you can get some information about any target as people like to involve in these activities and to share their information to be in the front page. Take advantage of this trend and use this information for your purpose. If you check the social networking profile of your target, you might get some important information for your help. The social networking site can help you to know the whereabouts, professions, and friend circles of your subject. Social networking site is a great source of collecting information. But you need to a bit careful while going through the details as in some cases you might find wrong information.

• Make use of trackers
Usually, investigators use different kinds of trackers to collect information about their targets. You can also use trackers such as GPS trackers and other tracking devices to know the whereabouts of your subject. This is very effective to monitor the activities of your target and to accomplish your task in a better way. But make sure that you are following the legal procedures to avoid any future complication. You are not allowed to install a tracker in other’s vehicle. Hence, you should do your research and preparation before following this process.

• Recording
If you are tailing someone of your family, then the process will be much easier. You can simply install a hidden camera to monitor the activities of your target. And the best thing about this technique is that you do not need to worry much about the legal procedure as it is your home and you are allowed to install any safe device there. To investigate some other person, you can install a hidden spying camera on that person’s phone.

Follow these simple and easy tailing methods and techniques to conduct a successful surveillance on your target.

Sunday, 21 February 2016

What Are The Tips And tricks Of A Private Detective?

There are times and situations in your life when it becomes necessary to get information about a person. It may be a case of spouse cheating or a case of background check of your employee, information gathering becomes imperative in such situations especially in Singapore. It is because most f the people are busy in their works. You need to devote a lot of time for getting these information. It is therefore better to hire a private detective. These detectives employ simple tricks to help you get the entire information you need. They are very much experienced in that job so it becomes easier for them to follow all the tricks. If you are willing to investigate and get the information by yourself, you can also do the same by following the tips and tricks that the detectives follow or recommend. This article is about the tips and tricks that you can employ to get all the necessary information you are looking for.

Search engines can give you a whole lot of information

* Searching by name
The first step that you are going to take is to search the name of the person that you are looking for in any popular search engines. Then you need to visit each link to find any relevant information possible. You need to search all of the links till you find something substantial. You need to search all the results in all the search engines. The results may differ from search engine to search engine.

* Searching by email id
If you are not getting any information using the name of the person or you are getting some information, you should tray using the email id of the person on the search engines. Searching through the email id in the social networking websites, you can be able to get information that you require.

* Forums and groups
There are various forums and the groups on the internet which you can search by using the email id because the forums only let you register through your email id. You can follow various discussions and chats to find some information.

* Social media results
Social media is a very important source of information if you are willing to get information regarding any person. You can easily get to the person’s profile and know about the friends and other relevant information. You may also get to know about any sort of personal communication between the person with his/her friends.

A tracking device helps a private detective to monitor the activities of a person

It is a good way to use a GPS enabled tracking device in the vehicle of the person you are investigating. You can not only be able to know where the person is going but also you can be able to guess what the person might be doing there. You can be able to monitor all the activities of the person. It is very important to know what type of tracking devices you should use. Apart from that it is illegal to use the device in the vehicle of the person that you are investigating. The detectives are well aware of this fact hence they take actions accordingly.

Getting to the call log
Call log gives you direct information regarding the person and the people he/she deals with on daily basis. You can get to the call log of your spouse if you are investigating about your spouse. The tactics may differ from case to case. Either you have to make friendship with some person close to the person or you may have to take the help of telecommunication service provider to get the call log. The detectives can reach a person and get the job done in way that you may not be able to do. They know the risk involved and they can employ the countermeasures that you may not be able to employ.

CCTV or micro cam footage
While the person under investigating is away, you can use the tracking devices to monitor his/her outside activities. In the house, you can monitor the person’s activities with the use of miniature cameras. You need to install those in places where the person under investigation may not be able to reach. It is illegal to use the camera in such a way. You need to be careful about it while installing the cameras. The detectives are well aware of the legal constraints. It is good to install the cameras with integrated speakers for getting to know about the conversations of the person.

Following the person 
The devices that you use for surveillance purpose may not always reach the places that you can go. It is always better to go in person to monitor all the activities of the person. You should be very careful about doing so. Following a person is known as stalking. You may be sued by the person for stalking. A detective is an unknown person. It will be difficult for the person to understand whether the detective is following him or not. Apart from that the detective knows the law and hence he/she can take necessary steps to avoid any sort adversities.

A person’s habits are known from the trash
Almost all the detectives always search the trash of the person. It is where all the information is available. This is the simplest place to gather the most complex information about a person. Most of the people have a habit of throwing things in to the trash without deforming things. If you are lucky enough, you can get the desired information that you may be looking for.

Financial transactions
Financial transactions give a whole lot of information about the person under investigation. If you are investigating about your spouse, you can check all the bank receipts to get to know about the things your spouse spends on. If any employer wants to know the background information of his/her employee, it is always good to check the financial records of the person.

Final points

All the tips and tricks of a private detective can be useful for you provided you make use of the tricks strategically. Each and every trick involves risk and legal constraints. You should be careful about those while employing these tricks. It is always better to leave the detective to investigate.

Sunday, 24 January 2016

What Type Of Person Needs To Hire A Private Investigator?

Private investigators have been essential specialists in today’s tough, driven, and dishonest world due to one single factor- people need information. The fact that we have access to technology and skillsets that allow us to gather valuable information discreetly means that for instance, companies can employ the services of an undercover investigator to find out what competitors are engaged in or what products they have in R&D. The principles of fair trade notwithstanding, companies still engage in considerable spying as a way to stay informed and continually adjust their marketing strategies to reflect projected changes.

But it’s not just companies and organizations that hire private investigators. Information is needed across all platforms and by all sorts of people. Let’s find out who else may need to hire a private investigator:

The role of the individual who takes on the job of catching a cheating spouse has been parodied in countless movies and television; however this is also part of private investigation. In cases where divorce is complicated, one spouse may insist on gathering material evidence of their partner’s misconducts and use that information to sway the case in court. Aside from examining domestic affairs, private investigators also assist in cases involving missing children, lost loved ones, cases of abuse or harassment at the workplace, and also property damage.

Employers and other Staff
Offices and factories present many situations that may require investigation. When employees engage in questionable behavior or go against company policy in regards to business practices, a PI may be called in to validate ay accusations or gather evidence against the accused. Other workplace situations include security protocols such as extensive background checks for new staff or senior management. These types of checks are meant to point out any applicant or existing worker with a case of arrest, imprisonment, drug use, or any incident, past or recent, that goes against the mission statement of the company or organization.

Both employers and workers tend to value information that has been collected by a private investigator especially in cases where the police don’t have legal right to investigate. Clients usually have a lot of questions when hiring a PI and it is the job of the contractor to explain (to some degree) the methods and techniques available for the case in question.

Insurance Claimants and Civil Investigations 
Insurance claims have always raised questions -especially with cases involving personal injury, and private investigators are sent out to ascertain culpability in cases that call for heavy compensation. People get injured at work all the time and faultless employees have to be compensated when they suffer injuries while working.

Of course some cases are more complicated than others and when jobs are on the line and people face charges due to negligence, some private investigative work may be needed to set the records straight. There have been cases where workers tried to swindle their employers by citing any number of legal oversights and issues, and some of these issues have called for private investigation.

Every individual and organization- whether a small enterprise or large multinational- requires thorough examination of credible lawsuits when filed, and if the amount of compensation requested is to be considered benchmark for how serious each case is, then a PI becomes very useful in corporate cases.

When Mitigating Risk
A good experienced investigator carries with them a sea of knowledge about critical issues relating to security, exposure, and vulnerabilities, whether at home or in business environments. This is why PIs work as consultants for private firms, public figures, wealthy individuals, and any number of organizations. Their tasks may involve risk assessment with a focus on vulnerability to theft, fraud or infiltration.

Possible solutions for imminent risk include avoiding the risk, deflecting, transferring risk to another party, or reducing the effect and implementing a plan for recovery. Investigators are hired to come up with solutions for these types of challenges, and both individuals and businesses may need assistance in planning against projected vulnerabilities.

Attorneys and Prosecutors 
Private investigators work with law enforcement every day to collect facts that may have to be presented in court as evidence against a defendant. These scenarios call for PI work in civil, probate, and criminal cases where prosecutors have to do considerable wet work to create a strong case. Investigators are used to identify, approach, and vet potential witnesses, collect first account statements, and compare data.

If a testimony doesn’t add up, a PI may be hired to gather additional testimonies or look at a witness’ history to determine if their story is consistent. Clever suspects and defendants have been known to cook up evidence to get out of a serious case, and sometimes attorneys have to rely on the expertise of a PI to compare facts and probe around to find anything relevant.

PI work requires proper training in evidence collection, conducting interrogation and interviews, legal parameters for undercover investigation, languages, critical thinking, etc. It is through good training and experience that these private investigators are able to acquire sensitive information, allowing individuals to make informed decisions regarding their jobs or personal lives.

Most Common Specialties

Here are a few more areas PIs tend to focus on when contracting out:

· Background checks: A third of all investigators offer background checks as part of their specialty. A background check examines personal and professional history and may be used for a variety of applications, such as an individual seeking a license for gun ownership.

· Surveillance: This is used in more serious cases such as missing person searches, infidelity cases and corporate fraud.

· Fraud: Usually defined as misrepresentation with intent to deceive, fraud may be investigated as well as past work experience.

· Accident reconstruction: A small number of PIs offer accident reconstruction but in many cases it is a tertiary service. Factors such as location, cause, and circumstances are closely examined to determine liability in an accident.

If ever there’s a situation that calls for you to gather information about a subject, whether it is another person or an industry, the most effective option is to hire an experienced investigator and have all irrefutable information gathered and presented in an orderly fashion.