Tuesday, 26 April 2016

What Are The Common Tailing Methods And Tactics?

Conducting surveillance and tailing a target is not an easy task. One needs to know proper tailing methods and tactics to reach the goal and to make the operation successful. In Singapore, if you have entrusted with surveillance activities, you need to be very careful and should take all the necessary steps to get success in your endeavour.

A suitable tailing method and tactic is required for conducting any kind of surveillance that might be a surveillance of a place, vantage points, person, and any other subjects. Make sure that you have done all your primary research before tailing your target. In the current conditions, the process will be easier for you as you might take help of the advanced technologies to reach your goal and to make your surveillance productive.

Technical surveillance devices can help you in a great way in tailing the subject and to get the required information. The best thing about the technical devices is that they are available in different sizes and you can simply hide it in your cloth and use it safely whenever required. The devices that are mostly used for surveillance purposes are tape recorders, microphones, and hidden cameras. These devices can help you to know where the subject is and it can also give you all the information about its activities.

Developed and advanced technical devices can help you to reach your subject and to accomplish the task. But the devices cannot help you much without a right technique. So, it is important to know the tailing techniques and methods to get quicker and effective results. There are different techniques of tailing and surveillance. You just need to know the right technique to make the process less complicated.

Tailing can be done regularly and effortlessly until you have not covered everything and have not received all the required information. Initially, you might find it difficult to cover your subject. With experience and knowledge, you will be able to collect all the vital information about the target. You do not need to follow you target all the time to conduct your surveillance. The important thing is that you should follow a right strategy and technique to make your tailing successful. Below are some of the common tailing methods and techniques that you can use for tailing any target that might be personal and professional surveillance. If you are a beginner these techniques can help you a much to reach your goal.

• Do your personal research
In this digital world, you will find this process much easier than any other kind of surveillance. Use the internet to get all the required information of your target. You can do a Google research about your subject. If your target is a known personality you will obviously get all the necessary information through Google and other social networking sites. You can check forums and contact other sources to collect more information about the subject. By doing so, you will have a clear idea about the activities and intentions of your object. Usually, investigators use this tailing technique to collect the primary data about their targets. This is not the only source and you cannot totally rely on this information completely. But it can help you to have an overall idea about your target.

• Go through the phone records
This is an important step to get the exact details of your target. If it is about your life partner then nothing can help you more than a phone record. The process is not that complicated. You just need to make a call from your target’s phone and ask for the call details at your address or on your email ID. You will get all the details in a couple of days. And you can also meet the service provider directly if the phone is registered on your name. In case, you find it difficult to get the call details by these methods then you can take the help of some other sources. These methods might not be considered legal but it can help you to get all your information.

• Investigate through the social networking site
This is the best way to collect the key information without doing much effort and spending much time. In the current conditions, social networking sites are so prevalent that you can get some information about any target as people like to involve in these activities and to share their information to be in the front page. Take advantage of this trend and use this information for your purpose. If you check the social networking profile of your target, you might get some important information for your help. The social networking site can help you to know the whereabouts, professions, and friend circles of your subject. Social networking site is a great source of collecting information. But you need to a bit careful while going through the details as in some cases you might find wrong information.

• Make use of trackers
Usually, investigators use different kinds of trackers to collect information about their targets. You can also use trackers such as GPS trackers and other tracking devices to know the whereabouts of your subject. This is very effective to monitor the activities of your target and to accomplish your task in a better way. But make sure that you are following the legal procedures to avoid any future complication. You are not allowed to install a tracker in other’s vehicle. Hence, you should do your research and preparation before following this process.

• Recording
If you are tailing someone of your family, then the process will be much easier. You can simply install a hidden camera to monitor the activities of your target. And the best thing about this technique is that you do not need to worry much about the legal procedure as it is your home and you are allowed to install any safe device there. To investigate some other person, you can install a hidden spying camera on that person’s phone.

Follow these simple and easy tailing methods and techniques to conduct a successful surveillance on your target.


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