Thursday, 19 May 2016

Common Types of Private Investigator Services

It would be nice to have the ability to be in two places at once; however, we know it is impossible. There are several instances in our personal lives and in our businesses that we need another set of eyes that are looking out for our best interests. Even if we suspect that something is going on behind our backs, it is better to be safe than sorry. For years, companies and individuals have hired professional private investigators to do the clandestine work they need to discover the truth. These experienced professionals become the eyes and ears of their clients to find out if their suspicions are accurate. Many lives have been improved and businesses have been saved because private investigators were on their watch. There is no job too big or too little that cannot be handled by a private investigator. They have several years of training and experience to know how to use the right surveillance process for each job. These are the top things that a private investigator handles on a daily basis in Singapore.

Perhaps nothing is worse than a cheater and it is often difficult to prove. Since people cannot always snoop and follow their spouses everywhere they go, they often hire private investigators to do the job. These professionals know how to secretly follow people and keep a log of where they go and who they are seeing. Private investigators often have special surveillance equipment to gather evidence for a solid case. If a person is supposed to be working late at night and is locked up with a lover in a hotel instead, the investigator will find out. They also have a lot of personal and public connections to see what the word is on the street about individuals. Private investigators are often called to be expert witnesses in court when it comes to infidelity and other breaches in the marriage.

Even after a divorce, there are people who illegally receive alimony because they are cohabiting with another person. Some people have successfully cancelled their alimony obligations because they hired a private investigator who found the proof they needed. There have also been cases where custody battles have been won because of information gleaned by private investigation. These investigators can find if the children are being well-cared for or if they are just being pawned off to babysitters and are ignored.

Mystery Shoppers
Often times, it is impossible for business owners to watch everything that is going on in their business. There are many cases where there are discrepancies in cash flow and inventory need investigated. Private investigators can be hired as mystery shoppers to see what kind of customer service is being provided. They can also set up secret surveillance equipment to find out if there is any theft or other questionable actions going on behind the owner’s back.

Owners are often able to turn their business around when they can actually see the day-to-day operations in their companies. They find out how their customers are treated and how management treats the employees. If there are any employees who are taking advantage of their situation, it can be detected. There have been many cases where private investigators have caught employees right in the act of stealing or breaking other company policies.

Background Checks
There are many jobs such as government positions that require security clearances. The process of getting certain clearances can be a tedious process that involves personal background research and reference interviews. Some private investigators work for individual companies or for the government and conduct all the necessary research on prospective employees. They will go through all the public records of individuals and will interview references. The work of the private investigator will depend if the company grants the security clearance or not. Companies depend on these investigators to get the best workers.

Some private individuals often want to hire housekeepers or nannies and want to do a thorough screening. In an addition to personal interviews, these people will often use the services of a private investigator to make sure that the prospective employee has a clean record. When people are dealing with their children or their property, they cannot be too careful.

Commercial Fraud
There are several ways that commercial fraud can be committed and it is often difficult to detect. If a business is using deceptive practices and other things that violate the law for financial profits, then they are committing commercial fraud. These businesses may file misleading financial statements to increase sales or bring up their stock value. They may also file false tax returns or be involved in insider trading. Or, they may be using the company’s goods for their personal use. In any case, there are private investigators who are trained in forensic accounting who can audit books and find if there are illegal discrepancies. They can also conduct surveillance projects to see if executives are abusing their corporate privileges.

Intellectual Property 
Creative people around the world depend on national and international laws to protect their ideas from being stolen by someone else. Whether it is music, art, literature, computer programs, or other inventions, there are several ways that people and businesses can take care of their intellectual property.

Authors, musicians, and artists apply for copyrights to ensure that no one else can take credit for their creations. Companies obtain registered trademarks for their brand names, logos, and images. If they have any unique ingredients or processes, they can apply for trade secret protection. Inventors get patents on their inventions to protect their ownership rights. These different types of documents provide the legal protection needed for intellectual property.

Private investigators are often employed when there are infringements of intellectual property rights. Many times, unscrupulous people and underground businesses will copy protected music and movies to sell. Millions of dollars are stolen every year from recording artists, actors, and their agents with this pirated material. Several pirates have been shut down and prosecuted thanks to the work of private investigators and their teams.