Thursday, 21 July 2016

Life As A Private Investigator

1. Private Investigation Services:
Working as a private investigator can be a daunting task especially if you don’t have the required experience. That is the reason why private investigators are recognized and appreciated in Singapore. They have become busier than ever and are working on different types of cases. What is even more interesting about working with private investigators is that they are able to persistently perform their services unlike investigators working for the government who are governed by certain jurisdictions. If you were thinking that private investigation is just a waste of time, you better think twice.

When looking for a private investigation agency that specializes in providing their services and guarantees you professional results, you have to be very keen. There are many agencies in Singapore offering private investigation services. However, not all of them provide top of the line private investigation services as they claim. If you wish to find out more about some of the services that private investigation agencies specialize in in Singapore, then please read along.

- Providing Security Services:
If you feel you need to hire agents as part of your security detail. Apart from gathering information, private investigators can still protect you from harm.

- Finding Extra Marital Evidence:
Yes, you heard me right! If you have a cheating spouse that you would like to catch pants down, private investigators are the right people for the job. They will provide you with all the information that you require so that you can file for a divorce among other actions. No one, including you, should go through the tough times of having an unfaithful spouse.

- Finding Evidence For Legal Action:
Law firms in Singapore worship private investigators when it comes to collecting evidence that they can use in a court of law during a case.

- Finding Lost Persons:
Are you looking for a lost person who has been missing for a while now without any positive results? If that is the case, relax. Private investigators will help you find that person within no time. Just furnish them with all the details they need and they will be ready to go.

- Background Checks:
Think of it this way, you are running a business that requires honest employees that can take care of your finances without robbing or turning against you even for a single minute. How will you confirm that you are employing the right person for the job? Don’t worry, with private investigators you will find out everything about an employee before hiring them. Insurance firms and banks also do background checks on individuals before processing their loans or approving their claims.

- Retail Store Surveillance:
Private investigators can help you identify and get hold of people with itchy fingers that are causing you sleepless nights at your retail store.

There are many other areas where private investigators specialize in that could not fit in this post, those mentioned above are just the key areas. That aside, when looking for a reputable private investigations agency you should check for credentials if you need first class service. The credentials are evidence that the agency abides by the law and provides high end private investigation services. You have to ensure that the agency is among the most reliable and trusted names in private investigation Singapore. Go for agencies that are members of renowned associations in Singapore like the ACSA (Association of Certified Security Agency) or SAS (Security Association of Singapore). Also consider private investigation agencies that have won prestigious awards like ATI (Asia Top Investigators) or PAI (Pinnacle of Achievement in Investigation).

2. Private Investigation Techniques:
Private Investigators in Singapore boast of a blend of excellent logic and creativity which is quite rare. They use various techniques that include a broad spectrum of methods to solve cases of missing individuals to those of cheating husbands among the rest. Some of the techniques they use include:

- Surveillance:
It involves the tracking of subjects and the private investigators have to be at the very spot where events and people that are of interest move. Or instance, a specific spot or a person’s home.

- Research:
Private investigators are the right people for the job if your case involves research that an average person might not be able to do.

- Writing Reports:
Private investigators pen down everything that they think will help solve your case.

- Forensic Techniques:
Highly qualified private investigators are equipped with forensic techniques to enable them handle forensic evidence without much difficulty. In some cases, only forensic evidence can save the day.

3. Private Investigation Gadgets/Equipment:

Below are some examples of private investigation gadgets:

Since most investigators spend their time doing surveillance, they require several surveillance gadgets to collect all the evidence that is required to solve the case.

- Some of the visual surveillance equipment includes binoculars, cameras, and video recorders. Such equipment will ensure that you get to see what the investigator sees. The type of equipment required will depend on the need. For instance, cameras won’t be required in case where you can easily compromise your presence.

- Audio recording devices which help private investigators capture the random statements made by the subject of interest. They can provide hints that can lead to the closure of a case.

- Various types of forensic equipment may help private investigators find hints to a mystery when examining various objects. Such equipment includes various kinds of chemistry implements, scopes and databases.

- Private investigators may find themselves in situations where they might have to defend themselves from harm. For such instances, investigators may require lethal weapons like guns or non-lethal weapons like stun guns among the rest. Such equipment may help the private investigator stun or subdue their opponents so that the can escape from the scene.


Private investigators are strongly recommended to everyone in Singapore who would like to solve any kind of mystery. They have been there for a while now and have received millions of enthusiastic reviews online with regards to the effective services that they provide. Their services are pocket friendly and can be afforded by most people. Whether you are looking for missing persons or looking to catch a cheating spouse, private investigator services are just a phone call or click away if you are living in Singapore.